[Myocardial revascularization surgery in an 87-year-old patient. A case report].


A 87 years old patient, with independent life style, presented unstable angina in spite of medication. Cineangiocoronariography demonstrated severe triarterial lesions, with good distal segments and preserved left ventricular contractility. Three saphenous vein grafts were performed. Some clinical measures were employed: a) manitol, furosemide and Ringer solution were infused two hours before and during surgery; the infusion was maintaned during the two postoperative days; b) limited use of nephrotoxic agents; c) adequate doses of medication; d) red cells infusion in spite of higher hematocrit levels than those present in younger patients; e) early start of respiratory physiotherapy and deambulation. Mean arterial pressure was maintained over 80 mm/Hg during surgery. During the period of extracorporeal circulation a hollow capillary membrane oxygenador was employed. Immediate postoperative course, up till six months, was free of coronary insufficiency symptoms. This case demonstrates the benefits of myocardial revascularization in elderly patients, respecting some peculiarities of the geriatric therapeutics.


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