Synchronous Recognition of PN-BPSK Signal for Reconnaissance Receiver

  • Peng Wang, Min Hu, Lexin Yuan
  • Published 2007 in 2007 International Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing


A method for PN code recognition and parameter estimation of PN-BPSK signal which is received by reconnaissance receiver, is presented based on synchronous demodulation. At present, methods for PN codes recognition or parameter estimation have limitations, so, to develop a method which doesn't depend on priori information has theoretical and practical value. In the paper, characteristics of PN-BPSK signal are analyzed firstly. Base on the mathematical model analysis of PN-BPSK signal, the principles of synchronous demodulation for PN codes recognition is demonstrated and the algorithm of parameter estimation is given. In the end, computer simulation under two different conditions is carried out. The results of computer simulation prove correctness and feasibility of this method.


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